Call for National Student Day of Action: Demand Obama Grant Clemency to Leonard Peltier! 

On February 27, 2016, students across the country are calling for a National Day of Action to demand that Obama grant clemency to Leonard Peltier. Peltier is an American Indian Movement (AIM) activist and 40 year political prisoner of the United States government. We uphold that Peltier has been wrongfully charged with the killing of two FBI agents and is unjustly incarcerated.

February 27 is an historic date for the American Indian  Movement (AIM) movement. On this day in 1973 activists began a second occupation of Wounded Knee for 71 days. This was to protest the  failure of the United States to fulfill treaty obligations and the corruption of the Oglala tribal government. February 27th is now known as Wounded Knee Liberation Day.

This is the last year of Obama’s presidency, and what many activists believe to be the last chance for Peltier to be granted clemency. We call on all progressive student organizations nationally and internationally to join us by taking action to demand Peltier’s freedom!


Kiva Club – UNM

Red Student Faction – UNM

Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee

New York City Students For Justice in Palestine

Revolutionary Alliance of Trans People Against Capitalism

Endorsed by:

*The International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee has both endorsed and supported the organizing of this call*

UNM Students for Justice in Palestine

Mecha de UNM

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network

Al-Awda New York: The Palestine Right to Return Coalition

NYC Free Peltier

Lifee Organization

Wood Stock Earth Blog

Students Organizing Actions for Peace – UNM

Fort Lewis College: Sociology Club

New Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)

Diné Relief Initiative

Native American Law Student Association at UC Hastings College of the Law

If your organization would like to endorse the call please contact


4 thoughts on “Call for National Student Day of Action: Demand Obama Grant Clemency to Leonard Peltier! 

  1. In the name of the Creator . May he be your strength.Let him go back to his family . He been in prison longer then he should of ever had to do.


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